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Matthieu Acosta

Flamenco guitarist & composer

Story of a guitarist

A child of an Aruban father and a Dutch mother, born in the city of Rotterdam on the 17th of december 1989, Matthieu Acosta was never defined by a single people or culture. Growing up within a family of guitarists, music and particularly the guitar have always played a central role in his life. Showing promise at an early age during his classical guitar training, he discovered flamenco at age 14 through the wonderful music of Paco de Lucía. Due to his sister studying classical guitar at the conservatory of Rotterdam 'Codarts' at the time, he had the good fortune of meeting Ricardo Mendeville, one of the flamenco guitar teachers at Codarts, who helped him on his path to discover flamenco. Matthieu decided to audition that same year for the junior highschool program of Codarts and got accepted. This allowed him to study under the tutalage of the great master Paco Peña from an early age throughout the different programmes found at Codarts (HMD, Prepatory, Bachelor, Master).

Through Paco Peña, Matthieu has learned flamenco in a very honest and profound way by being taught to be very selfaware and respectful towards the traditional elements of flamenco. Making this way of viewing and playing flamenco his own, it has provided Matthieu with a compass for his own musical ideas without disregarding the rich tradition in which this music finds its origin. This is why he regards Paco not only as a great guitarist, teacher, and mentor but as one of the pillars of his artistic life as well.

Matthieu Acosta is always searching for new ways to develop himself artistically to better expres his musical ideas and achieve a sound on the guitar to allow these ideas to be heard. A sound that has often been characterised as being strong, clear, full and round. With his virtuosic playing he's constantly searching for new paths to discover whilst staying true to the path that's called flamenco. In a world where access and inspiration to other musics can be found so easily, staying true to fundemental elements of flamenco is increasingly important. Elements that can be found most in the singing and dance and the accompaniment of it. In between a multicultural background, a globalising world and a love for traditional flamenco is where the voice of Matthieu can be heard.


Thoughts & Memories

Irene + Matthieu



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Dos Islas (Tangos) - Matthieu Acosta Trio - Flamenco

Dos Islas (Tangos) - Matthieu Acosta Trio - Flamenco

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Flamenco Guitar - Matthieu Acosta - Dar y Tomar (Colombianas)

Flamenco Guitar - Matthieu Acosta - Dar y Tomar (Colombianas)

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Paco Peña - Bulerias for 3 guitars and cajon (live @TivoliVredenburg Utrecht)

Paco Peña - Bulerias for 3 guitars and cajon (live @TivoliVredenburg Utrecht)

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Habla con ella

Habla con ella

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Elegancia Andaluza

In this show Matthieu Acosta is searching for the connections and common factors in between the different ways the people of Andalucía have expressed themselves artistically through music, dance & art.
Flamenco is often characterized as being powerful and passionate. But here Matthieu emphasizes the elegance and refinement that can be found, as Flamenco brings this in spades as well.
This is explored with guitar, flute, dance and recited poetry from Rafael Alberti, among others. The show will be framed by projections of wonderful works of art by Andalusian artists like for instance Pablo Picasso and Julio Romero de Torres.

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Having his beginnings in classical guitar, playing solo is something that comes very natural to Matthieu Acosta. Always keen on showing his love for the guitar, he will play a variete of pieces. A mixture of his own works as well as works by great flamenco masters like Paco Peña and Vicente Amigo.
A concert where one can enjoy Matthieu’s virtuosity and beautiful sound.


Matthieu Acosta Trio

A concert consisting of all original works by Matthieu Acosta. With the support of flute and percussion, Matthieu introduces the audience to a large diverse scope of possibilities within the music of Flamenco. A great mixture of lighter repertoire to more profound and deep themes, all with explanation on how these pieces came to be. The musicians compliment each other whilst not loosing their individuality resulting in a organic flow of various styles played in different formations, from solo to duo to trio.


  • 17 jun. 13:30 – 16:30
    Wassenaar, Wassenaar, Netherlands
    Duo Concert with María Cristina González
  • Duo Concert Flamenco Guitar & Flute
    17 jun. 20:00 – 21:00
    Oosthuizen, Raadhuisstraat 61, 1474 HJ Oosthuizen, Netherlands
  • Solo Concert Cultureel Trefpunt Voorne aan Zee
    18 jun. 15:00 – 16:00
    Hellevoetsluis, Dorpsstraat 14, 3223 BG Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands
  • Solo Concert Parkstad Limburg
    25 jun. 12:00
    Heerlen, Burgemeester van Grunsvenplein 145, 6411 AS Heerlen, Netherlands
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